E-commerce sales rose by an average of 20% in countries with more than 50% e-commerce penetration, and on average doubled in countries such as Egypt with only 23% e-commerce penetration.
However, there are varying degrees of effects on the sub-sectors of retail, with those offering medical preventative supplies experiencing an approximate 300% increase in sales, while others selling travel and physical experience equipment such as gym bags, swimsuits, luggage, and photography equipment have lost almost 50% of sales.
Yet, it is critical for all retailers to capitalize on e-commerce in the coming period as it has become a determining factor in the survival of brands, it is no longer an added value experience for brands to be fully operational online, but a necessity to remain relevant as less and less shoppers risk exposure for non-essential shopping and malls are expected to remain under strict capacity restrictive measures.
Tell us what you think, have you shopped online since the lockdown and what services do you wish to see become available online?