Delivering 2020
A unique, miscellaneous strip mall that incorporates business, corporate life and
dining experiences, exciting recreational zones all ideal for both work and recreation.


Strategically located in one of the highest population density areas in New Cairo and surrounded by high-end
residential projects, Sidewalk is very near to the American University in Cairo and serves
as the go-to meeting place fo university students,young families, and employees
of surrounding businesses.With a total area of 6100 square meters, the Sidewalk stripmall
is complemented by outdoor entertainment facilitiesand open air
dining destinations. Sidewalk is truly a destination for all to enjoy

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      Strategically located near the AUC & very close to the GUC, FUE and CIC, on one of the important New Cairo roads which will have the main routes to The new capital city destination, surrounded by high-end residential projects.